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Helping medical practices realise their full financial potential

Allen Consultants has a strong specialised skill set in both operational and financial management of medical practices.

While still considered a business, a medical practice's needs and requirements are somewhat different to that of a commercial business. 

Typically owners of a medical practice tend to be high net-worth individuals whose financial dealings and position may have a higher risk associated with it e.g. increased tax risk, exposure to volatile investments etc.  Additionally, due to their hectic and time driven work schedules, these owners may not have the time to properly exercise the required oversight and governance over their practice's financial dealings.

In some cases, this lack of oversight may lead to cases of under performance, neglect and even worse, fraudulent activity within the practice due to lack of governance.

Allen Consultants can provide medical practices with a full suite of business and financial management services designed to safeguard the interests of the practice owner and maximise the operational and financial performance of the practice.

For newer practices starting up, we provide comprehensive services in the area of mentoring, training and educating owners and staff to enable the business to operate as smooth and efficiently as possible.

Medical Practice Management

Our medical practices services include:

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